2020 ISMSKF 5th Anniversary Gasshuku -Cancelled

We have decided, in the best interest of the ISMSKF, to cancel our ISMSKF Gasshuku (Seminar) that was planned for this September in Ellsworth, Maine (USA).

As you understand, we are very concerned with all of our members’ health and well-being. It would be selfish of us to base the seminar on a part of the country that is not as severely effected as other parts.

Please rest assured that everybody that had already paid for the event, will be reimbursed.

Until then, I would highly recommend that everybody takes precautions and stays healthy. I would also suggest that you practice your Matsumura Seito Kata(s) whenever possible to assure a prompt return to the art, when the time comes.

Train strong !

In karate-do,
Shihan Lazarus, Kudan
Shihan Gravelle, Hachidan
ISMSKF Exec. Directors