Key ISMSKF Guidelines

These are some of the “Key” ISMSKF Guidelines. (The full ISMSKF Guidelines are available to all members.)

International Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito Karate-do Federation
Guidelines and Procedures


The purpose of International Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito Karate-do Federation (“ISMSKF”) is to preserve the Okinawan Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito Karate-do system and maintain the system as taught by Master Hohan Soken and Master Fusei Kise.

ISMSKF Board of Directors

  • All decisions for amendments to the ISMSKF will be considered and voted on by the ISMSKF Board of Directors.
  • A majority +1 of the Board of Directors is needed for any changes.
  • Executive Directors (2)
    Shihan Greg Lazarus
    Shihan Jay Gravelle
  • All active Rokudan and above are eligible to be on the Board of Directors.

Member’s Rights

As a member of the ISMSKF you have the right to*:

  • ISMSKF training and seminars.
  • Train at member dojos and train with Master Kise in Okinawa, with their permission.
  • Use the ISMSKF and Master Kise’s name in advertising and promotional materials.
  • Earn rank and certification awarded by Master Kise.
  • However additional costs may be associated with these rights and must be paid by the member.

  Member’s Responsibilities

  • Preserve the Okinawan Shorinryu Matsumura Seito Karate and Kobudo style
  • Monthly dues Payment by month, semi or yearly is up to each dojo.
  • Testing fees are to be paid at least one week prior to testing.
  • Okinawan customs, protocol and respect must be observed by members.

 Dojo Owners and Requirements

  • A dojo may be a commercial dojo or classes within a shared location, such as a fitness center, church or other space. Each physical location should have a dojo charter and a designated sensei(s).
  • Dojo Owners are required to have an Instructor’s Certificate and dojo charter..

Changing Sensei

  • You should ask permission from your Sensei if you have a need to change dojos.
  • If this is denied, a letter should be sent to the board addressing why you need to change and a due process of mediation should take place with input from all concerned.

Accepting Members From Other Organizations

  • Members of other organizations are welcome to join the ISMSKF at their current belt level provided they show competency and certification. This will be considered a probationary rank, but will receive all the respect of their rank.
  • Dojos from other organizations are welcome to join the ISMSKF provided there is a complete switch over to the ISMSKF techniques and requirements being taught and the Dojo owner arranges for instruction from an ISMSKF dojo. It is highly recommended as least two higher level students along with the dojo owner attend ISMSKF instruction.

ISMSKF Financial Resources

  • All ISMSKF dues and Testing fees are sent to an ISMSKF Senior Director.
  • ISMSKF dues and Testing fees are forwarded to Master Fusei Kise until he tells us he is retired. (See “Future Certificate Fee Chart” for reduction of fees at that time.)


  • We “encourage”, but not require, all dojo owners to host one seminar for Master Kise or another upper ranked member from another dojo each year. This encourages the exchange of information and techniques and fosters a sense of family within the federation.
  • We “encourage”, but not require, all dojo owners to hold one seminar outside their normal training schedule for their own dojo each year.
  • The ISMSKF will rotate between dojos or an agreed site for an “ISMSKF Annual Seminar” and gathering for the benefit of promoting the exchange of information and comradery.

Rank Grading and Promotion

  • Promotion in rank is at the discretion of your sensei.
  • Time in rank and age requirements are mandatory for promotion, but may be waived if skill or other circumstances are shown to exceed the requirements. The sensei must discuss this with an ISMSKF Director before granting a waiver.
  • Black Belts can promote up to one rank below their rank. ie; A Sandan can promote up to Nidan.
  • Promotion to Rokudan and above must include discussion with, or attendance of, a Senior Director.
  • Attendance to seminars should be encouraged, but is not a requirement for promotions.
  • An ISMSKF Certified Instructor License is recommended for Dan ranks, but is not a requirement.

Rank Fees

  • Testing fees must be sent to the Executive Directors for the sanction of certificates. (See “Future Certificate Fee Chart” for reduction of fees at that time.)
  • The sensei of a dojo can charge what they feel is appropriate to cover any costs such as belts, temporary certificates or mailings, but the following chart shows the amount that must be sent to a Executive Director for certificates.
  • Separate Tuite certificates may also be earned, but are not required and are not a prerequisite for the next promotion.

ISMSKF Requirements

ISMSKF RequirementsClass Gi:

  • Kyu Ranks: Solid White Gis
  • Shodan-Sandan Ranks: White Gis or Black pants/White top (preferred)
  • Yondan and Nanadan Ranks: White Gis, Black pants/White top or White pants/Black top (preferred)
  • Dojo Owners: White Gis, Black pants/White top, White pants/Black top, Solid Black Gis (unless a higher rank is visiting)
  • Senior Directors: Black pants/White top, White pants/Black top or Solid Black Gis
  • All Ranks (in the presence of Master Kise): Solid White Gis only!

ISMSKF Certified Instructor License

  • An ISMSKF Certified Instructor License is not required to advance in rank*, but are offered as a way to provide proof of a Dan ranked individual’s ability to teach others. If a Dan ranked individual would like an ISMSKF Certified Instructor License, please talk to your sensei. The ISMSKF Certified Instructor License certifies you as an instructor in karate, kobudo and tuite.

The requirements are:

  • Be recommended by their sensei.
  • Must have been a Dan rank for a minimum of one year.
  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Demonstrated ability to instruct both Youth and Adults.
  • Show a desire to actively teach others.
  • Ability to lead by example.
  • Able to control and keep the student’s attention.
  • Able to achieve “student comprehension” within a given time period.

*Dojo Owners are required to have an Instructor’s Certificate along with a dojo charter.

ISMSKF Certified Instructor License  $75.00 (Minimum 18 years of age)

Federation Dojo charter            $35.00 each year


  • Titles are not automatic.
  • They are earned and given by the board of directors or Executive Directors for their dedication to their dojo, members and contributions to advance and preserve the ISMSKF.

(The full ISMSKF Guidelines and Procedures are available to all ISMSKF members.)